Born in Rincon, Puerto Rico, designer Sophia Scheer began hand-making suits that were both unique and functional for surfing in the Caribbean waters. As demand grew for Sophias handmade suits, the amount of waste and environmental impact grew for a even a small business.

Cosea swimwear started in 2020 with a mission to close the gap of the harmful fashion industry by creating unique, timeless pieces with minimal environmental impact. 

We offer two types of swimwear- recycled and deadstock. 

Recycled suits are made with Econyln- a revolutionary textile made from ocean waste and post-consumer recycled plastic. Recycled suits are made in Indonesia by an amazing team that gives back to the community and environment. Our factory far exceeds minimum labor standards and is part of the ROLE Foundation, a zero-waste facility, and environmental development program.

Deadstock suits are made to order in the U.S by a small team of local seamstress. Deadstocks are leftover fabric from brands that ordered an excess amount. We choose to use deadstocks because instead of manufacturing new materials, these fabrics are already produced which is less impactful to the environment.  Deadstock fabrics are sourced globally in small quantities.

In addition, all  scraps are salvaged and made into one of kind pieces/ accessories. The less waste the better. 

As Cosea swimwear grows we plan to keep improving on our environmental practices and design swimwear that turns heads and starts conversations about the fashion industry's impact on the planet.